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Planning the Perfect Road Trip {Guest Blogger}

Planning the Perfect Road Trip

Taking the family out on a road trip can be a rewarding and fun experience. Whether you are traveling to the Midwest, the Southwest, mid-Atlantic and New England you can travel in style.

Tips for the Roadtrip

A map-because when and if the GPS fails you do not want to be caught without one. Read and reread the route you are taking before you leave. An exciting road trip can be spontaneous, but you still want to know where you are going before you leave.

Have the kids involved. They will get extremely excited if you let them become part of the plan. Pick up brochures and let them read them. When you seek information from your children they will feed off of it and really begin to become navigators as well.

Think of a theme and find activities that matches it. If you are traveling to Gettysburg, for example, look for Civil War sites along the way. Buy the kids a few kepis–they will love it.

Remember: the key to a luxurious road trip is comfort. That’s why you should check out practical/efficient vehicles like Arbogast Conversion vans? Or a Ford Windstar? Vans and SUVs are the most comfortable to take a long trip in. They have leg room and this makes all the difference. If you are having to travel in a car you should get your kids and yourself some small travel pillows that fit around your neck. They are soft and if you fall asleep with your head trailing to the side you won’t wake up with a nasty neck cramp. There are a plethora of designs for such pillows.

Other road trip must haves:

Have water on hand and an emergency kit. This will ensure that you have all injuries provided for. Other than that, try to entertain yourselves the old fashioned way for a while. Have the kids join you in a ravishing recitation of “London Bridge” and other tunes. Take a few kids-themed sing-along CDs with you to pass some of the dull minutes.

Should you make an itinerary?

Itineraries can be stressful, but they also help keep you on track at least part of the time. There are some great websites out there that will help you plan it though.

America is full of roadside attractions. So when you decide to stop along the way, make it one of the following:

New York: Visit the Cardiff Giant in Cooperstown, New York a local exhibit of a giant that became the great American hoax.

Pennsylvania: the Space Acorn in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania-is it a government weapon or alien craft or giant squirrel food you decide.

Grab your pillows, your digital camera and your computer. You might find more than one thing to blog about on this trip. Remember, everyone always has a memory or two of a family trip that they went on. Your trip will not be any different.

Whether you opt for some backpacking through Yosemite or a jaunt through the Big Apple, a family road trip can be a fun and memorable event that is both psychologically and physically rejuvenating. My recommendation is to plan your family road trip several months, possibly a half year, in advance. You don’t want to get out on the road and realize you forgot to bring traveler’s checks.


A big thank you to guest blogger, Liz Becker.