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Six Mom Must Have’s for Back to School

Yes, I said Mom “must have’s.”

Once the chitlens go back to school, everyone is the house goes back to school. I wake up at the butt crack of dawn, I make coffee like a zombie, then oh so abruptly gently wake the kids up. The rooster comes near and starts crowing. I think he smells breakfast cooking…

So this year I put together my own list of my favorite products to help moms ease into the back to school season… and with that, I say God Speed…



Number One is very high on my list of necessities year round, but especially at Back to School time. Mirassou Winery makes a delicious Sunset Red wine which is light, but flavorful. A case will definitely carry you through the first couple of weeks of school… maybe two.


Number Two is just as important as drinking. It’s my second favorite thing to do (okay who am I kidding…). And with the onset of school, comes homework and sports. Who has time to make dinner?! Plan ahead ladies and use my favorite kitchen appliance– the Calphalon 7 quart Crock Pot. Put dinner in in the morning, let it cook on low all day long, and when you step in the door after a long day of being mom, you will find a delicious dinner ready and waiting for you! Now the price tag isn’t cheap ($149) , but what you get is an amazing piece of machinery.



Number Three is near and dear to my heart. Fake Bake Self Tanning Liquid. It gives you that sun touched glow year round, yet minus the skin cancer. It’s golden and beautiful, natural and the  best self tanning liquid that I have tried. When you put it on, you use a mit which comes with the liquid. Rub it on, and voila!



Oh Number Four… where do I begin? It’s a simple necessity, but so integral in the way your family unit responds and functions. An app called Cozi that helps you manage the chaos of family life with a shared calendar, shopping lists, to do lists and more. Cozi keeps track of everything from school schedules and sports activities to grocery lists, meals and chores — all in one place the whole family can access anytime, anywhere.


Number 5…. you may think it’s quite ordinary or simple, but let me tell you. The rubber band makes the pony tail. If you have one without strength, it just plain sucks. If you are in need of a good brush at a reasonable price, look no further than Goody Hair Essentials. Win some goodies from Goody here!


Last but certainly not least is something every gal needs. If you are a mom, then you for sure need Benefit’s Lemon Aid. It’s a light yellow concealer/color correcting eye lid primer. It’s a jack of all trades really. Swipe it on the under eyes, swipe it on the lids, and those bags and dark circles are gone!



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