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6 Reasons Why I Cannot Leave Target Without Buying Something….

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I looove Target… but have you ever been the person who says “I just have to run in to Target to pick couple things.”

Good Luck with that. Target is the black hole of shopping… the Twilight Zone of $20 dollar bills. I have tried, more than once, to go in with a set item in mind, but yet when I return from the trip with multiple white and red bags, I have Target amnesia. Look it up… it’s a real thing. 

So if you ever wondered why you just can’t go into Target for just one item, here are 6 reasons why…

1. The dollar aisle. You will find endless crafty, holiday trinkets you just simply cannot live without.

2. The women’s shoe department. Yes you need those studded black four inch heels. How can you leave them behind? Just put them in the red basket.

3. The make-up department. In my local Target there is always a nice lady there to answer questions about the makeup. Do I have under eye circles nice lady? “There is a cream for that.” I need a mascara that won’t stick like glue, but won’t stream down my face when I watch sappy commercials. “This mascara is fabulous.” I am a sucker.

4. The food aisle. There are new and exciting things every. time. Yes I would like to try the new beef and broccoli bag- thank you Target. Yes my kids would love cupcakes that are zebra colored, fruit punch flavored. Of course I need the new bottle of wine from Barefoot. duh.

5. The $5 movie area. nuf said.

6. Lastly, the holiday/backtoschool/promotional/garden/summer area. Yes you need that cooler/beer pong table– it’s a damn necessity people.


This post is not sponsored by Target. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. 

  • It’s amazing how real this is. I go there for baby stuff and I really need to probably do their Red card cause I spend so much there. I’m going to keep a budget just so I can see what I’m actually spending at Target. lol

  • I agree with this list wholeheartedly! I love going to Target for EVERYTHING, especially shoes and organizational things because I love their stuff. If their clothes weren’t so expensive regular price, I’d buy all their clothes as well. I just like the atmosphere of Target as well, which is why I think everyone spends money on something when they go. Haha.

  • This is so true!! I go there to buy a wedding present, came out with a bunch of stuff for my daughter and make up!! lol:) Glad I’m not alone

  • My favorite way to treat myself these days is a trip to target by myself! (esp since the one by me has a starbucks!) This past weekend a bought a bunch of really cute dresses for work from Mossimo!

    • Golden State Mom

      OMG– Target without kids is heaven! I could stay forever and live in the bedding area.

  • Ain’t it the truth! Good thing the closest one to me is a good 25-30 minute drive, if there was one in Ramona, I’d never leave. Those dollar bins are my weakness!

  • I can’t even do the Target shopping anymore because it throws off our budget every time I go! The hubbs has become the go to Target guy, it’s his super hero power, being able to get in and out with only toothpaste and toilet paper

  • Those cheap(ly priced) movies are the death of me!! lol I LOVE the dvd section!

  • This is all SO true!!!

  • All so true!! You walk in for one thing and walk out with 10.

  • Melissa Haag

    I love the Target dollar aisle!

  • Yah know, I used to be totally addicted to Target, and I still love it. However we moved further away from our Target and now I hardly ever go. And the other day, I went for the first time in 4-5 months and I was severely disappointed with the selection in the women’s clothing/shoe departments. But the dollar isle is killer, I agree with you there!

    • I could see proximity playing a role in the frequency I visit! I live about 40 minutes from one, but I still see myself there about once per week.

  • THIS GIVES ME LIFE! I LOVE TARGET! I honestly go to Target every SINGLE day, not just to buy stuff but to look around. I always go to the dollar section and find something cool that I never expected to find

    • Me too! I feel better when I leave with my goods!

  • YES! I totally get this. I went into Target the other day and for the first time EVER I walked out with just the thing I went in for. Now that’s talent.

    • That is talent! I do not possess that quality lol.

  • HAHAH this is so true! I only go to target when I know that I have money to spend. Is it even possible to go there and not spend less than $50?

  • Fiona Naughton

    We don’t have Target in Ireland but I really wish we did, it seems amazing for bargains!

  • Laurel Wads

    I love target. I love how you can save so much when combining red card, cart wheel and other coupons with clearance. Amazing!

  • Laura Milroy

    I can not get enough of this store. It just launched up here in the Big North and I am addicted. I know I can’t go without spending at least $100 so I avoid it at all costs…

    The Accidental Mama

  • lol I loved this! This is so me! I can never go into Target without coming out with way more than I intended. I like it though and it’s a lot of fun!!!

  • Lol I love how you mentioned it’s not sponsored by target. Man, I’m telling ya I love me some Target too. Their clothes – UNDERWEAR (so comfy) and Starbucks??? Seriously brilliant marketing on their part.

  • Camille

    The seasonal aisle gets me every time! Oh course I need whatever event/season/holiday items that will be here in the next few weeks!

  • What REALLY gets me is I’ll go in and say “Oh as long as I’m here I might as well look at what’s on clearance.” And then I end up with $100 worth of clearance stuff in my cart. Because, yeah, I need a FOURTH shower curtain this year already.

  • The holiday section gets me so often. Especially once the halloween stuff is out. Oh God, I am a goner!

  • I’ve definitely gotten stuck in the Target dollar aisle….especially around the holidays

  • I could spend hours there, along with thousands of dollars!

  • Michelle Chouinard

    The holiday aisle got me this time. Zombie cookie cutters!! How can you pass that up?!?!

  • I just saw a Target clothing collection online and omg some of the clothes are amazing! They had co-ords with trousers and a blazer and they were so cheap! I had no idea what it even was!


  • I love me some target dollar isle. You can always get some of the best deals

  • songbirdsandbuttons

    The dollar spot is my weakness – the stuff is so cute!!

  • Love love love Target! Especially since they are expanding the NYX and ELF lines in Canada

  • I think everyone has this problem at Target. I’ve been doing better lately, but srsly, LOL.

  • Avie T

    I love target. I love their home decor and the seasonal section! Unfortunately the two Targets in my area don’t have a wonderful lady to assist in the make up aisle! If we did, I probably wouldn’t be able to stay away EVER! Lol

  • hahahaha wish we had it in the uk

  • The dollar isle is awesome for craft supplies! Movies get me every time too. Ahh!

  • Carly Anderson

    Oh my goodness, you hit the nail on the head! Especially that darn dollar aisle!!

  • That dollar aisle gets me every time. I let the kids pick so much stuff from there. I love Target.

  • Liv

    listen!!! the Twilight Zone of $20 dollar bills Honey YAS! OMG but i love target #7. the clothes department and that good clearance on cute stuff!

  • Joanna Sormunen

    I used to have similar problems. Not with Target but with the supermarkets here. But now it’s been years that I live frugally and only buy what we really need. My real splurge are the ebooks.

  • Katie Limberg

    Ahhh Target! Yes, the dollar aisle gets me EVERY time too. I’ve found some awesome office supplies though I love there home decor stuff too My Target also has a Starbucks in it so that just means that Target is that much better!

  • haha, so true! The dollar aisle and their new “gift” aisle is my kryptonite!!

  • Bah I LOVEEEE Target!! The clearance stuff at the ends of the aisle get me every time. I pronounce it (tar-jay) because target is a fancy alternative to wally world lol