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6 Reasons Why I Cannot Leave Target Without Buying Something….

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I looove Target… but have you ever been the person who says “I just have to run in to Target to pick couple things.”

Good Luck with that. Target is the black hole of shopping… the Twilight Zone of $20 dollar bills. I have tried, more than once, to go in with a set item in mind, but yet when I return from the trip with multiple white and red bags, I have Target amnesia. Look it up… it’s a real thing. 

So if you ever wondered why you just can’t go into Target for just one item, here are 6 reasons why…

1. The dollar aisle. You will find endless crafty, holiday trinkets you just simply cannot live without.

2. The women’s shoe department. Yes you need those studded black four inch heels. How can you leave them behind? Just put them in the red basket.

3. The make-up department. In my local Target there is always a nice lady there to answer questions about the makeup. Do I have under eye circles nice lady? “There is a cream for that.” I need a mascara that won’t stick like glue, but won’t stream down my face when I watch sappy commercials. “This mascara is fabulous.” I am a sucker.

4. The food aisle. There are new and exciting things every. time. Yes I would like to try the new beef and broccoli bag- thank you Target. Yes my kids would love cupcakes that are zebra colored, fruit punch flavored. Of course I need the new bottle of wine from Barefoot. duh.

5. The $5 movie area. nuf said.

6. Lastly, the holiday/backtoschool/promotional/garden/summer area. Yes you need that cooler/beer pong table– it’s a damn necessity people.


This post is not sponsored by Target. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.