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Travel Was a Breeze with the Graco Breaze Click Connect {Review}


This past weekend I had the honor to accompany my little sister down the aisle as Matron of Honor in her wedding in San Luis Obispo, California. The weekend was a mad dash rush at times, but lucky for me and the family, we were able to visit some special locales throughout the Central Coast– and even luckier we had the best stroller ever to stroll along with us! No joke…. best everrrr.

San Luis Obispo County has so many favorite spots that are “must see” in my book. It was going to be a bit hard clunking around the giant convertible stroller I had since she was a baby. It’s heavy and awkward, plus it is just plain big. It takes way too much room in the swagger wagon. I was so pleased to be offered a Graco Breaze Click Connect for our upcoming travel– it was perfect timing!


I received the Graco Breaze Click Connect in a large box… I practically met the post man in the drive way, I was so excited! I opened up the box, and there was this modern black and grey stripped stroller sitting there in the box waiting for me to “click” it together. It took about 15  minutes with little one around for me to put it together. It was not hard at all. The time delay was that little one kept wanting to get in the stroller. I took that as a good sign!



Here are my first impressions of the stroller:

  1. Sturdy, yet light weight
  2. Easy to put together– thank you Graco!
  3. Dark, sleek and modern.
  4. The GIANT sunshade with spf 50! So nice for the hot California sun!
  5. The cup holders… mama needs a cup holder always!

The following week we were off to the Central Coast. Our first stop was our rental house! We found it through and could not have been happier!


Our home away from home for the week!


The Vineyard in the backyard.


The view… the view was amazing!


Did I mention the house had goats?!

Our first stop in San Luis Obispo was Avila Pier in Avila Beach. The stroller had no problem making it’s way on the wooden pier. It was bumpy people!  We stopped and waved at the sea lions, took deep breaths of cool salty air, and even took a look at the day’s catch.



Next stop was Avila Valley Farm. Avila Valley Farm is one of my favorite places to go anywhere. Homemade pies (the apple is to die for) and fun country store to shop. Plus a petting zoo and tractor rides for the kiddos. The place is perfect! The stroller did great in the tight country store weaving in and out of the aisles. The wheels of the stroller did great in the dirt too! The wheels are not the bulkiest, but they held their own in the dirt!

Later that evening we headed to the Farmer’s Market in downtown SLO (San Luis Obispo y’all). The street waas packed with vendors, food, and tons of people. The stroller did great maneuvering through the masses. It stopped on a dime.  As the evening grew later, I could recline the stroller back for baby so she was more comfy– she enjoyed that!


SLO Farmer’s Market– a must do!

The next day we enjoyed one more jaunt before the grand finale; the wedding! We headed to Pismo Beach, California and stopped in at Guiseppes Restaurant for dinner. The sip of water was delicious, before baby started to act up, so I was off to the beach for the evening while everyone else wined and dined. The stroller did just fine in the sand– much better than I expected. It got caught up once or twice in the deep sand, but nothing I could not handle.



Final Thoughts about the Graco Breaze Click Connect:

  •  A wonderful stroller for anyone! New moms will love it as it is compatible with infant carrier seats! Moms of older toddlers and kids will love it as well for the ease of the stroller. If you need a stroller everyday or once a week, it’s perfect!
  • The sun shade– love that it has spf in it. It came especially handy out and about when I didn’t think to put sunscreen on her. Thank you Graco for thinking about that small detail.
  • The under basket of the stroller was a great addition! Big enough for my purse and shopping bags, but still small enough for the recline on the seat to go all the way back.
  • The material of the stroller was durable, yet easy to clean. I wiped so many things on our journey, yet the stroller still looks great!
  • This stroller is a s.t.e.a.l. at $169.99

As a blogger, I receive complimentary products. A special thank you to Graco for the stroller. I could not have loved it more! All opinions expressed are 100% mine.