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Serving the Perfect Steak: Expert Tips

Everybody loves a good steak dinner; it can be one of the most delicious and luxurious dishes around. The only problem is, most people don’t cook their steak properly. Steak is one of the most expensive meats, so cooking it any old how is doing it an injustice. It could be so much more delicious if people just took their time to research how to cook steak!


 Here are some of my pet hates when other people cook steak:

  • Having the steak cooking on a medium/low heat.
  • Flipping the steak constantly or messing with it.
  • Failing to season the steak.
  • Guessing your timings.
  • Serving a drink that doesn’t compliment the steak – too much for the palette to handle!
  • Failing to sear the steak and seal in the flavour.
  • Not leaving the steak to rest after cooking, resulting in a soggy plate.

Does this sound like something you do? Well, STOP! Here are some expert tips on cooking steak that will allow you to serve it perfectly each time: 

Cook the Steak on a High Heat

Steak should be cooked on a high heat; as high as your hob can go in a quality pan. You can either pour a glug of oil in the pan, or rub the steak with oil first. I prefer to rub the steak with oil, as having the pan so high can cause the oil to burn and smoke. This ruins the steak.

Sear the Steak for One Minute Each Side

Steak should be seared for 1 minute on each side, as this helps to keep the flavour in. Use a timer to get it right!

 Serve Something to Drink That Compliments the Steak

Do your research on great steak and wine pairings so you know you’re giving your guests a treat for the tastebuds. All drinks served need to compliment the steak so as not to overshadow or underwhelm it.

Always Season Before Cooking

Your steak should be seasoned before cooking, on both sides. Make sure you do this with at least some sea salt and black pepper! Sometimes, I like to crush a garlic segment with a knife and place it in a hot pan, before placing my steak over the top. This is my favorite expert tip!

Leave the Steak Alone for the Right Amount of Time

When you’ve seared your steak on both sides, you need to leave it alone for the right amount of time. I cannot stress this enough. If you don’t cook it for long enough your steak could be too bloody for your guests, or if you cook it for too long it could be too well done. You need to know what your guests like if you want to cook it to their tastes, however, you can try cooking it as recommended on the packet and ask them to try it. You can always take it back if it needs more time after.

Leave the Steak to Rest

Leaving the steak to rest for 2-3 minutes is essential. Plopping it straight onto the dinner plate will result in a soggy dinner, which is no fun for anybody!

Try these tips and you’ll never have to put up with low quality steak ever again!

image from flickr