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Making a Switch with @LumiaUS #LumiaSwitch {#Sponsored}

I have had the pleasure to give a brand new Nokia Lumia 635 a try, courtesy of LumiaUS. This is a sponsored post!


Here are my top 10 apps I can’t live without…. it’s really in no particular order….

  1. Pinterest. It’s the mindless scrolling and tuning out my family that I am addicted to.
  2. Facebook. Yes it’s annoying, but I can’t help but login to see what old cousin Jim has had for dinner.
  3. Instagram. Facebook for the cool kids.
  4. Kindle. Yes you can read 50 Shades on your phone. Shhh no one has to know.
  5. Maps app by Google. In case you get lost. duh.
  6. Truck Driver 3D. Because driving semis is better in 3d y’all.
  7. Disney Infinity Toy Box. For those moments when you are waiting in the dr’s office and the kids are at that point of no return, break out the old Disney.
  8. iHeartRadio. I love me some good old fashioned radio once in a while. DJs spinning the vinyl, er digital…
  9. Netflix. When I’m in the mood for Olivia Pope. Be a gladiator.
  10. Twitter. When I need some inspiration I usually turn to Kanye West.
I am a #LumiaSwitch participant and I received a loan of a device from Microsoft to post my opinions about Lumia products.