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Family Friendly Dining at the @CorvetteDiner! {Review}

Take a step back in time and enjoy family time at a San Diego restaurant institution– the Corvette Diner! Originally opened in 1987 in the Hillcrest area of San Diego, it is now located in Liberty Station. I remember going as a kid and loving every minute, so when the Corvette Diner asked me to come visit with the fam-bam, I could not resist!

Corvette Servers Regal Room

I took my daughters there to celebrate a birthday and I have to say, the Corvette Diner went above and BEYOND! We had a great booth in the middle of all the action. The disc jockey was playing all the fun sing-along hits from the 50’s, straws were being thrown (it’s a diner thing), the waiters and waitresses were doing their dances … and instantly the girls were thrilled and in awe!

We thought some Shirley Temples would get us in the mood- a round for the whole table! We ordered an amazing platter of yummy deliciousness, affectionately called the “Garbage Plate.” It was chocked full of greasy goodness including: a slider trio, onion rings, potato skins, mozzarella wedges, chips & salsa, all-weather anti-freeze dip, big john sauce, ranch dippage and marinara sauce. The skins and the mozzarella wedges were the table favorite for sure!

Next up was some gorgeous bouffant hair-do’s for the girls complete with straws! The waiter was amazing and had an accomplished straw hair-do repertoire…

20150307_190147We each had a little something different to round out the menu a bit. I chose the Macho Nacho Burger. I saw nacho cheese on the menu and knew it was right up my alley… I am somewhat of a nacho cheese connoisseur. The waiter said to be prepared to eat it with a fork and knife. Bwaaaaa aaaaa…. I  knew I was in trouble!

My mom chose the Patsy’s Pastrami Sandwich and it was a hit! Delicious peppered pastrami with all the fixings accompanied by natural cut french fries.

My oldest daughter ordered off of the adult menu– The California Dreamin’– delicious and plenty– full of avocado and spicy pepper jack cheese!

Lastly the birthday girl and her friend ordered a Hot Diggity Dog and the Ginormous Chicken Fingers off of the kids menu. The kids menu came with a choice of: french fries, steamed veggies, apple sauce, or carrots & ranch. Plus it includes a soft drink of choice!



So I knew the Corvette Diner did birthdays right– I remember it was THE place to be back in the 80’s & 90’s… cough cough or so I’ve heard…  but I had no idea that they would pull out all the stops for us! Enter the Cotton Candy Cake complete with a candle! It was the biggest round of cotton candy that I have ever seen. Pink and fresh, and deliciously sweet!



We devoured most of the cotton candy…. You can tell by the look on the birthday girls face she is entering into a sugar coma right about now….

The Corvette Diner has a Gamer’s Garage or what you can call an awesome arcade! Go through the long hallway and follow the kids screams and shouts of joy. Each of the three girls were given $10 game card to go and play to their little hearts desire. My kids have never really been in an arcade before, or at least have never had 10 bucks to spend on anything! They were thrilled! And to my surprise the money on each card lasted a long time!



They had a riot! All of the girls cannot wait to go back. Both want to have their next birthdays there. I think that little face sums up the evening pretty well.

A very LARGE THANK YOU to the Corvette Diner for the hospitality and hosting us for dinner! It was beyond compare and we LOVED every minute!