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My Experience at Disney Social Media Moms On the Road Portland #DisneySMMC

Disney Social Media Moms

Disney Social Media Moms On The Road Celebration- My Experience

When the email invite to the Disney Social Media Moms On the Road Portland came, I was beyond thrilled!

Next came the questions…. Could I go? Did I have the extra money to fly from San Diego to Portland? Would the celebration be worth the expense and time away from my family? Would I walk away with something learned and “aha” moments? 

I did a little research; asked some questions on some various Facebook groups, asked fellow bloggers that have gone to an “On the Road” celebration what they took away from the experience, and finally came to the conclusion that if I turned down the invite, I would regret it.

Last week was the week! June 9th came and went so fast– like a “tornado girl!” Whenever I come away from a conference, I need some time for the information, the experiences, and conclusions to sink in and “stew”– so to speak.

I arrived bright and early Monday afternoon. Checked into the DoubleTree Hilton in Portland, Oregon and awaited for the fun to begin!

The next morning could not have arrived soon enough! I was nervous, yet so excited to be there. I arrived at the celebration at around 8 am. They had a fabulous breakfast of eggs, bacon and pastries waiting for us. It was such a nice touch to the morning.

There was Disney magic abound! The music started, we rushed to our tables and soon enough the celebration was well on it’s way!


Disney Social Media Moms


We were let in on Disney social media tips, best practices that they use on their Disney Parks blog, as well as inside peeks to fun videos and more! I swear there is subliminal messaging in the music of Disney, because EVERY TIME I hear a Disney song or melody, it makes me want to go to Disney with the kids.

“When you believe a thing, believe it all over- implicitly and unquestionably.”–Walt Disney

Here are some tips and secrets I walked away with at DisneySMMC Portland: 

  • Video is all the rage right now on Facebook and other outlets. When making a video, use airplane mode to stop a call from interrupting! Genius right?! 
  • Selfie Sticks are not allowed on Disney attractions, use a GoPro instead!
  • The custodial staff are some of the longest serving cast members at the parks!
  • From my friends at Babble: Post more than just the typical link, try “Shareables” for more engagement!
  • Magisto and Videolicious– apps make video easy! Thank you Victoria Lim!
  • Another great tip from Victoria Lim- Clean your mobile lens, steady shots, try different angles, zoom with your feet, & hold horizontally.
  • When on Twitter, try tweeting your link a number of different ways to see what works best. The more the better!
  • Tweet on trending topics, but from the lend of your brand– awesome tip from Babble!
  • Link your Instagram account to Facebook. They are one company now, so your reach will be further!

Disney Social Media Moms

We snacked, took photos with Mickey, walked away with great swag! The day was magically Disney.

There was so much more to the day than the above tips- really this was just a snippet, but it gives you an idea of what to expect when attending.


Need help with what to bring to your next Disney Celebration? See my post: I Was Invited to a Disney On the Road Celebration — Now What?

Thank you to Disney Social Media Moms and the On The Road crew for inviting me to Portland! I had a ball and appreciate the opportunity!