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Upgrade Your Frozen Pizza for the BEST Frozen Pizza!

Frozen Pizza

Upgrade your frozen pizza or take out pizza for the BEST frozen pizza by doing these simple steps or techniques:

  1. Add your favorite toppings! If you have jalapenos or extra pineapple on hand, add it on there!
  2. Combine melted butter or olive oil with Italian seasonings and brush it on the crust before and after baking. It will add some buttery flavor and up the flavor profile!
  3. Add in some parmesan cheese! Easy and and oh so flavorful!
  4. Do you have bacon or prosciutto on hand? Add it to your pizza! Why? Well why not? It’s bacon. duh
  5. Cook your frozen pizza or heat up take out, on the rack in your oven. No pizza stone or fancy pan required!
  6. Do you have a convection oven? Use it! Turn that bad boy up hot and watch the wonderfulness that is heat make your pizza gooey and crisp. No convection? No worries. Turn your oven up to 450 degrees and cook in the middle on the rack. Watch carefully because at that high of heat the pizza can burn quickly!
  7. Do you have kale or arugula handy? Throw it on top! Mix a little vinaigrette on your greens, then toss them on the pizza for an even more delish and crisp flavor.  Plus you get bonus points for eating your veggies!
  8. Pizza for breakfast? Yes please. Before heating, place an egg on top, then cook. The yolky goodness will be heaven!

Here’s a little how to video for your viewing pleasure: