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Maria Watercolor Designs: Watercolor Marketing & Inspirational Prints

I’m sure you have noticed websites that have beautifully designed logos, or even a perfectly colorful header that matches the social media icons…. something that looks and reads “custom” or hand drawn. Every time I have came across those sites, I think wow– those must have been pricey! I think– some day, when I am a famous blogger, I will get one of those lovely designs… someday. Well someday has come people!


Maria Morris, from Maria Watercolor Designs, is a professional photographer, watercolor artist and graphic designer. She takes her love for beautiful, colorful watercolor art and combines it with graphic design elements for buinesses, websites and blogs. Maria is a serious force in the design world; from watercolor marketing, logos, custom cards, to unique watercolor prints on canvas; her work is beyond compare!

Praising God through art is both therapy and ministry for me. Therapy, because life is just plain hard. Ministry, in the hopes that my art will inspire hope, make someone laugh, or help someone succeed in their business.

Here are a few of my favorites from her lovely shop:







Maria made me the header on my blog that you see above. I LOVE it! It’s feminine, colorful, and unique to my site. Golden State Mom is everything California– from reviews, to travel, to special events only found here in CA. The state animal of California is the Grizzly Bear, hence the 4 bears– me and my three cubs

Maria asked for some ideas that I had, colors that I liked, and then came up with some designs based on my ideas. I then got to pick from there, then tweak one last time. My logo came out perfect, and I could not be happier– thank you Maria!

Are you interested in a custom logo, or perhaps a premade logo? Maria makes custom logos from $45 dollars. She makes 3 logos for you to choose from within 72 hours! The turnaround time is astonishing!

For premade logos, the cost is $25 dollars– can’t beat that! She takes the premade logo, then tweaks it a bit using your company name.

Want to learn more? Check out Maria Watercolor Designs on Facebook!

A big thank you to Maria at Maria Watercolor Designs for the complimentary logo and social media icons. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.