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Traveling With Kids: Disneyland

Disneyland is the epicenter of California….. shhhh don’t tell Hollywood Families from all over the world make the pilgrimage to Disneyland everyday, 365 days a year.

There is something for everyone, young and old alike. From scrumptious food to fun and comedic shows, to the fantastic rides and attractions we all grew up with…. cough-cough Space Mountain…. But traveling with kids is a beast, and not the Beauty and the Beast kind.

Here are my top 10 items to bring along when traveling with kids and toddlers to Disneyland:


  • Stroller– Disneyland rents strollers, but sometimes the little ones like something familiar where they can lounge and nap.


  • Sunscreen-– It get’s hot in California. Even on the overcast days, there are still sun rays that can get through and burn young skin. Bring a good sunscreen with a high SPF. Re-apply at lunch time and you will be good to go for the day!
  • A large garbage bag– I know what you are thinking. Rain in California?! It does happen, especially on El Nino years or winter time. Look ahead at the weather forecast and if there is a chance of rain… even a little chance, take a garbage bag to use as cover. Ponchos can be expensive, and honestly you might not need it that long! Another use would be on the rides where you get wet.


  • Snacks– Disneyland can be pricey for a family. Ticket prices, parking, food, the list gets long quick! ¬†Disneyland is one of the few theme parks that let you bring in snacks. Feel free to bring in snacks for the little ones… milk, formula, goldfish crackers, chips, crackers, fruit, bottled water.. anything to hold them over in lines or until you have your main meals at the fabulous restaurants.




  • Diapers/Extra change of clothes– Diapers is an obvious one if you have a little one not potty trained, but a change of clothes is a necessity if you think you might be heading to Splash Mountain or Grizzly River¬†Run at California Adventure. The last thing you will want to hear all afternoon is kids whine about being wet!
  • A sheet or large beach towel– Wha? a towel? Maryann you are nutso. Not so much my friend. A large beach towel or bed sheet will come in so handy- I promise! Use it as a stroller cover when baby is sleeping, lay it on the ground to watch the parades, use it as a towel if you get wet on a ride… the possibilities are endless.
  • A sweatshirt– California weather is some of the best weather on the planet. Warm, dry days full of sunshine, cooler evenings with light breezes. It can get a bit chilly at night, so what we do is take a few sweatshirts for the family and instead of toting them all over the park all day long, we stash them in a locker when we enter the park, and grab them when needed. Just don’t forget to get them!


  • A baggie– Whether it be for a dirty diaper or wet clothes, a baggie always come in handy!
  • New toy or markers and paper– If you plan to dine in a nicer restaurant or perhaps a character meal, definitely bring along little items that will hold the kiddos over until the meal comes. The characters are fantastic and well worth the money, but sometimes it takes them a little bit to make it around to all the tables.



  • WIPES– wipes are a MUST HAVE. Plain and simple they are a life saver. Use them to wash hands when a line is too long at the restroom, use them to clean up a skinned knee, cool down on a hot day with a wipe. I prefer the Costco kind by Kirkland, but any wipes are a must!


These are my suggestions, what are yours? Leave your tips in the comments!