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Make Mornings EASY with Ziploc® #ZiplocBackToSchool

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It’s July, and you know what that means; the back to school madness is just about here! The battles, the searching for missing socks, homework the dog ate, breakfast and coffee you never got to consume are all inevitable. Rest easy momma, Ziploc® brand products have you covered!

My local Ralph’s carries Ziploc® brand products and let me tell you, they are a lifesaver when it comes to morning madness and back to school organization. From pretzels to locker organizing; Ziploc® brand helps a mom out! These durable products hold up to the grubby fingers of a toddler, and the wear and tear of a teenager’s backpack.



My tutorial for taming the beast that is school day mornings is a very simple one and requires no rocket science– I promise!

My daughters are notorious for waking up late, not knowing what they are wearing to school, or where their clean underwear and socks are. They run through the house from one basket to another, to their closets, to under their beds; no territory is left unchecked for that one item that is so “necessary.” This season, I decided to take the madness out of finding outfits when it comes to morning chaos thanks to Ziploc® brand bags. I labeled and hung  them up, each with their favorite school clothes. The kids feel responsible and organized; I will regain my sanity!

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How I organize back to school outfits with Ziploc® brand products:

Step 1:Each Sunday evening I work with my kids and take five Ziploc® brand Slider Bags, which are large enough for undies, socks, and clothes. I chose the 32 count of Ziploc® brand Slider Bags that have the Stand & Fill benefit. I figured I will have 27 bags left over for kitchen use and the Stand & Fill ones are so nice!

You could also use the Ziploc® brand Freezer Bags in the Gallon size or the Ziploc® brand Storage Bags also in the Gallon size.

Once you have your five bags, take a permanent marker and write each day of the school week on each bag. Start with Monday and go all the way to Friday. If you have busy weekend mornings too, feel free to add Saturday and Sunday! If you want to get the printer out, you can even make fancy labels, but I am keeping it nice and simple.


Step 2: Fill the Ziploc® brand Slider Bags with everything your little ones will need to get fully dressed. From underwear, bras, socks, camisoles, undershirts, and then finally the actual clothes.


Step 3: Zip up the Ziploc® brand Slider Bags (love the slider bags for the ease of zipping) and then place each day in order onto a 5 or 6 tiered skirt organizer. You can find them at home stores or online for less than $15. Once you have each day hung on the organizer, hang the whole thing in the closet, or even in the bathroom; wherever your kids get dressed!




Simple, organized and madness free! The Ziploc® brand Slider Bags will last for months of organizing, and if you ever need another, they are always a pantry away!

For more Ziploc® back to school inspiration, please check out their social hub for fun ways to use their products.

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