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5 Amazing Tips That Will Teach You How to Put Makeup On Properly

Although most women think that putting makeup is easy, there are a lot of things you should know. It is almost an art form where the results depend on your proficiency. So, in order to get the best out of it, check out these amazing tips!


Apply cream or primer before putting makeup

Cream and primer refresh your skin and for makeup. Due to this, skin will look cool under all those products creating a barrier between your face and powder. If you use foundation before cream, it can easily lead to appearance of zits and redness. Makeup will become heavy and it will be hard for face to cope with it for the whole day. If you don’t start using cream before powder, wrinkles will start appearing on your face. As you can presume, this can be disastrous for any woman forcing you to hate the woman in the mirror. Additionally, by using primer you make sure that your makeup lasts longer.

Choose powder in lighter tones

The difference between face and neck color can leave a really bad impression. No matter how good your makeup is, it won’t be able to compensate for this discrepancy. So, picking the right color for powder is one of the most important things when it comes to makeup. Best thing you can do is choosing a powder that is a bit lighter from your skin color. Apply liquid powder by using a brush. You need to use slow motions while avoiding circular ones. Wait for a couple of minutes and after that, apply powder that matches your skin color. This is the real secret behind natural look and perfect tan.

Emphasize your eyebrows and facial lines with a bronzer

Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of your face. They are very specific and they can be used in various ways. They can improve your appearance and further emphasize your facial lines. Pencil is another important weapon in your arsenal. By properly shaping your eyebrows, you have finished half of work. Try different things. Check how it looks in the mirror. Eyebrows allow you some creativity and different forms may do different things to your face. However, make sure to apply natural forms as artificial shape with sharp lines can create an adverse effect. After that, apply bronzer bellow cheekbones and slightly above them. If cheekbones are the highlight of your face, you should use apricot color blush.

Eyeshadow in the color of your skin, black eyeliner and mascara

Besides eyebrows, your eyes are also important for overall appearance. Beige eyeshadow can be used during the day. It is great when combined with brown color which can be applied at the corner of your eyelids. This way, you will be able to highlight color and shape of your eyes. On the other hand, eyeliner requires some precision so be ready to make some mistakes. Mascara with a thick brush will lift your eyelashes making them look longer. Do not overdo it with mascara because it can glue your eyelashes together creating little lumps.

Use lip pencil properly

When it comes to lip pencils, strong colors are no longer trendy. These pencils are used so that your lips can get fuller and more precise look. This can only be achieved if you use the same colored pencil as your lipstick. One of the more popular colors nowadays is pink. While sitting in front of your , make sure to apply pencil from the top of your lip up to the corners. Finally, apply lipstick and lip gloss at the middle of your bottom lip so they look juicier.

With these amazing tips, your face will be ready for a night in the city. And not only that! They will also protect you in the right way. Most women destroy their face by improperly using makeup. Do not make the same mistake!