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Get a Good Night’s Rest, Plus a Recipe for Sleepy Time Mist!

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Part of getting a good night’s rest is making yourself, your family and your surroundings as comfortable as possible. Whenever I head out of town, with or without family, I try to make my surroundings in the hotel as comfortable and serene as possible– spa like!


I didn’t always do this. In fact, there was one time where my daughter was fretting to sleep with me due to my mouth breathing. The noise bothered her, and therefore she wasn’t getting a restful night’s sleep. Now after that experience, I try to always follow these tips while at home and away!

  • Yoga or stretching before bed. Stretching can help open and calm the mind, as well as tight, sore muscles.
  • Turn down the heater.  I love sleeping in the cool, crisp temperatures of wintertime. Cooler temperatures are proven to help you sleep better. The colder temperature, the cooler your body temperature goes, which makes you feel sleepier. My preferred temperature is 65 degrees.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol close to bedtime. Alcohol dehydrates you and makes you wake up to pee. Try to have your last drink 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • No electronics within an one hour of bed: Turn that television off, stop jumping on Facebook, and put away your computer. Allow your mind to wind down! Read to your kids, or perhaps listen to music that gives a calming affect. Enya anyone?!
  • Soothing bath time: Give your body a spa like bath time experience with some essential oils in the water, bubbles, or perhaps a cup of decaf tea and dimmed lights. Then take a breath and exhale!
  • Make sure you are sleeping in the dark… like the real dark:  Eliminate lights from the phone, computer, or tv from getting into your bedroom. Use light blocking shades or curtains where necessary.
  • Turn on some sound: My kids always slept better with a white noise or ocean sounds in the background. Turn on something that is soothing or blocks out the noise from outside.
  • Are you a mouth breather? Have a cold or allergies or nasal congestion? If you tend to sleep with your mouth open, chances are you breathing through it is affecting you and/or your family’s restful night’s sleep. Try out the Breathe Right® Nasal Strips to help open up the passageways to breathe easier through your nose, drug free.  Want to try them for yourself? Grab a $1 coupon and/or free sample here! I purchase my Breathe Right Nasal Strips from Walmart! Breathe Right Nasal Strips are easy to apply: wash and thoroughly dry your nose.  Next, peel the strip away from the liner, place it on your nose and press down to ensure it is on securely; pressing and rubbing for five to ten seconds.  The strip should sit on the low middle area of your nose, right above your nostrils. Overnight, it is normal to see some slight lifting on the edges of the strip. It will come off easily after washing your face in the morning.



  • Sleepy Mist. Make my DIY Sleepy time Mist (recipe below) which combines a sleepy time mixture of oils, distilled water and rubbing alcohol. Many essential oil companies have a blend of oils that promote restful sleep. The blend I used is a combo of orange oil, tangerine oil, lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang, and sandalwood oils.


DIY Sleepy Mist


  • A small spray bottle– Walmart carries these
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Distilled water
  • Ten drops per ounce of the bottle. My spray bottle was 16 ounces, so I did approximately 160 drops of a sleepy mixture of essential oils.


Fill your spray bottle halfway with the rubbing alcohol, and then the rest of the way with distilled water. Leave about 1/2 inch from the top.

Shake 10 drops of essential oils per ounce that your bottle holds.

Shake the bottle to mix!

For a restful night’s sleep, spray lightly on pillows, sheets, around the bedroom, or even your pajamas before bed. Kids love it as a part of their nighttime routine!


What do you do to get a better night’s rest?