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Discovering The Educational Side Of SeaWorld San Diego!

Since opening its doors in 1964, SeaWorld’s mission has been to educate, conserve, and research marine life. By doing this, they have not only educated, but have also entertained little minds, making them develop a love for the ocean and all its creatures. In turn, SeaWorld is teaching those same kids to care for and nurture the environment and its animals. While visiting SeaWorld San Diego this past May, each trainer, researcher, and biologist that I encountered told me candidly that they would not be there, loving the job that they do if it wasn’t for visiting one of the SeaWorld parks at a young age. It made such a strong and life-long impact on them when they encountered the animals up close and personally as kids. There was a real connection made.

“We believe up close and personal connections to animals create generations of families that love and protect the ocean and its residents, and we’ll continue to educate guests about these amazing species and care for the killer whales at SeaWorld for the remainder of their lives.”– SeaWorld

Learning about the penguins, connecting with the dolphins and discovering the magnitude of the whales is something that every child should be able to experience first hand. My children are lucky to have such an invaluable educational resource in their hometown. As a teacher, there are many children that I come into contact with that have never been to the ocean to see a dolphin swim among the waves, have never felt the sand under their feet, or dug deep to catch a sandcrab. Those are experiences many of us take for granted. Yet when these same kids step foot on a school bus and make their way to the closest SeaWorld for a field trip, they get to learn what it means to love the Earth and all its creatures, big and small. These same kids go on to be marine biologists, veterinarians, and scientists. In my opinion, SeaWorld cannot be replaced as they are second to none in education, conservation and rehabilitation.

Take a look at those smiles!





Looking for a great place for the kids to summer camp or are you a teacher in need of a special field trip next school year? There are some amazing field trip and summer camp opportunities at SeaWorld San Diego. The field trips fit into the school day, can be self-guided or by tour guide and align with the California Science Standards. Check out this page for more information or to book call: (619) 222-4SEA. Get those little ones loving the creatures of the deep!

This post was created in partnership with Womensforum and SeaWorld San Diego. Thank you to SeaWorld San Diego for hosting my family for the day! We received tickets into the park and all tours complimentary.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.