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Easy Ways to Spend Less Money Every Day

We all want to spend less and save more each month – but it’s easier said than done.

Whether you want to make sure that you have some extra money that you can save towards retirement, or you have a more immediate goal, like saving for a family vacation, it’s important to find ways that you can cut costs.

The good news is that making your budget work for you doesn’t have to mean that you give up spending on everything you enjoy. Instead, it’s about making a few simple compromises to keep expenses low, without taking all the enjoyment out of life. Here are a few top tips to get you started.

1.    Get a Better Deal

You’d be surprised how many homeowners stay locked into bad deals with their gas, electricity, and utility companies simply because they think that they can’t get something better elsewhere. While it seems exhausting to phone your cable company and ask for money off your next bill, the truth is that it’s much easier to get a saving than you think.

With online comparison sites, you can look for the best deals online within a matter of minutes. If you see a vendor that can offer a better deal, you can either switch or phone up the customer service desk for your vendor. Let them know that you’re thinking of switching, and they’ll be sure to have deals designed to make you stay.

2.    Sleep on It

One of the reasons that people struggle with their finances is that they’re too easily driven by impulse purchases. If you see something that looks like a great deal, you’ll want to buy it as quickly as possible, and that means that you could end up with buyer’s remorse.

Instead of instantly making a purchase, force yourself to spend a few days thinking about whether you really need that new item. If you don’t have that long to make a decision on a sale purchase, then make sure that you at least sleep on your decision.

3.    Buy in Bulk

If you’ve got extra room in your freezer for food, and additional space in your storage cupboards where you can keep cleaning products and toilet roll, then you might benefit from buying the items you use every month in bulk. While it can feel strange to buy huge amounts of things like soap and kitchen roll when you first start, the truth is that you can save a lot of money long-term by taking advantage of bulk deals.

Remember, you can still use discount codes and vouchers on bulk deals if you can find them, so make sure that you check online to make sure that you’re getting the best offer. At the same time, when you buy in bulk, make sure that you use whatever you purchase before you stock up on something new.

4.    Get Rid of The Cable

Usually, after a tough day at work, we all look forward to sitting in front of the television and catching up on our favorite shows. However, if you’re the kind of person that flicks through the channels looking for something to watch, but never quite finds what you’re looking for, then you might be over-spending on your cable bill. You’d be surprised how much we spend each month on channels that we don’t really use.

If you’re looking for a wide range of programs and movies to watch for a lower price, then you could always try switching to a streaming service instead. Amazon Prime Subscriptions, Netflix, and Hulu can all be great ways to improve your spending habits when it comes to entertainment.

5.    Set Your Bills Up with Direct Debit

Finally, stop worrying about remembering to pay your bills each month, by setting your most important expenses up with a direct debit. Ensuring that the money you need to pay automatically goes out of your bank account each month is a great way to reduce stress and ensure that you won’t have to pay any late payment fees.

While you’re at it, make sure that you check for any existing subscriptions or direct-debits that you’re paying for and may have forgotten about. For instance, do you have a gym membership you pay for that you’re not using? Get rid of those unnecessary expenses, and set up a savings withdrawal instead, so you can automatically send a small amount of cash to your savings account every time you get paid. This is a great way to make saving less of a headache.