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Find Out More About Twitter Parties Hosted by Golden State Media:

For participants, a Twitter Party is a fun way to find new like-minded friends on Twitter and increase your number of followers while you join in a ultra-fast-moving conversation with hundreds of people. You may even win a cool prize.

For sponsors, it’s a way to quickly grow your social media reach and engage in dialog with current and potential followers and/or customers. You can think of a Twitter Party like a online version of a Meet-and-Greet party you might hold at a physical store.

Brands large and small are having social media influencers host Twitter Parties for them every day.

Golden State Media can host one for you!

How Does A Twitter Party Work?

A Twitter Party usually has one or more hosts who post about the event ahead of time, invite their followers, fellow bloggers, and spread the message using their various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc).

The host will tell people what the Hashtag is ahead of time through a blog post and/or email announcing the party. The Twitter Party Hashtag might incorporate the name of the brand, topic area, location or other influencing factors.

Many times Twitter Parties have brand sponsors who provide prizing to randomly selected participants. Sponsors then ship prizes directly to the winners after the Twitter Party.

Depending on the topic of discussion at the party, there may be an invited panel of experts who participate in the conversation.

How To Join A Twitter Party

Joining a Twitter party is easy!

The main thing is to follow the search hashtag that is provided in the party announcement post/email and then include that hashtag in your reply tweets so that Twitter streams the conversation together.

During the party, the host asks questions related to the topic like this…
Question 1: What wine goes with your favorite Summertime BBQ? #PartyHashtag

Participants answer like this…
Answer 1: Ooooh I love Sangria. Delish with a light lunch #mommyjuice #PartyHashtag

Throughout the party (varies from 1-2 hours long) or at the end, the host will announce randomly selected participants as winners.

Winner 1: Our first prize winner receiving a years supply of delicious Sangria from @sponsor is @winner #PartyHashtag — Congrats!

The hosts will usually plan a topic theme, questions and brand related information tweets to share during the party.

How To Keep Up

The conversation during a Twitter Party moves FAST and it can feel hard to keep up. It can be very helpful to use a website such as or that helps you follow the hashtag Twitter Stream and allows you to pause/resume the flow.

Why Should A Brand Sponsor A Twitter Party? What Do You Have To Gain?

  1. Here are 10 reasons for a company, organization or brand to sponsor a Twitter Party.
  2. Meet & mingle with your current followers and customers. See what they love about your brand in person.
  3. Extend your reach to find new followers and customers. More times than not, the Twitter party participants will follow your page to keep up to date with company happenings.
  4. Convert followers to customers. Party goers may be so intrigued to try  out the latest product after attending the Twitter Party, that they turn to your website to learn more.
  5. Introduce new products or services. Do you have a loyal base of customers? Introduce a brand new product during the Twitter party.
  6. Initiate conversation and spark interest in your subject area.
  7. Start dialog about your product or services benefits and uses.
  8. Point out the need your business fills. Does your company fill a special niche? Show off that niche to the party goers.
  9. Create interest in your product offering.
  10. Answer questions about your company, products and/or services.
  11. Generate buzz about your brand. Many times through a Twitter Party, a brand or hashtag will trend!

How To Sponsor A Twitter Party

Golden State Media can host a Twitter Party for you!

When you select us to run your Twitter Party Campaign, we take care of everything. We will…

  • Plan and host the entire Twitter Party.
  • Write and publish 1 or 2 posts on Golden State Mom inviting readers to the event.
  • Provide Social media support through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram.
  • Send out an E- invitation to bloggers throughout the nation to RSVP for the Twitter Party.
  • Place a Banner advertisement on the site the week of the party, as well as a cover photo on Facebook.
  • Provide you with a Hashtracking report with party stats after the event.

As a sponsor you only need to supply the prizing and any ideas you might have for the theme of the party and we will take care of the rest. Pricing for such a campaign is affordable, contact us and we will do the rest.

If you are interested in having your business sponsor a party so that you can benefit from a huge stream of twitter love, let’s get your party started!

Find me at Golden State Mom on Twitter.


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